Data and Tools That Produce Business Transformation.

TextAid delivers an integrated array of cloud-deployed services designed to change the way health insurance providers, medical service providers, and patients approach healthcare.

Digital Claim Filing

Paper-based medical claim forms are archaic and often difficult to process. Added to the list of associated frustrations experienced by both medical service providers and health insurance providers is the lengthy claim settlement time, which often proves problematic for cashflow management. TextAid presents an enhanced digital claim filing system that addresses the cost, security and efficiency shortcomings of the existing paper-based methods. Moreover, the digitised process unlocks opportunities for medical service providers to engage with both health insurance providers and patients more effectively.

Beyond submitting claims, medical personnel can use the system to:

  • Access and update patient health profiles
  • Review and amend previous claim forms
  • Schedule medical appointments
  • Provide patient consultation via SMS

For health insurance providers, digital claim filing alleviates the pain of scanning, interpreting and transferring claim forms into claim processing systems. Data processing teams can now review submitted claims directly on-screen or download them as PDF or CSV files. There is also an opportunity for automation through direct integration with claim processing systems.

Reporting and Analytics

A thriving insurance provider is one whose product modelling and decision-making activities are driven by reliable data. TextAid processes data from a range of sources including claim forms and various patient data points to produce reports and analytical data models. This powerful feature allows decision-makers to gain deep patient and market insights, empowering them to strategise with confidence.

Smart Reminders


At TextAid we believe that behavioural intervention through strategised communication is crucial to reducing preventable (and potentially expensive) medical treatments. Personalised reminders, in particular, are a proven tool for accomplishing such positive outcomes. The innovative SMS reminder system serves to educate patients whilst encouraging them to take their medication, attend appointments, follow medical advice, and generally take better care of themselves.


A sophisticated design studio facilitates the creation of reminders that allow TextAid to send SMS messages to patients or their next-of-kin according to predetermined schedules and scenarios.

A complete reminder comprises templates, an activation rule, and a trigger condition.


Templates define the messages that will be dispatched and also the recipients of said messages. A template is a simple body of text optionally enriched with placeholders called “merge tags”. TextAid replaces merge tags with dynamic data at the point of message generation, which makes for personalised and contextual SMS messages.

Activation Rules

Reminders are configured to activate in reaction to specific real-world events. Activation rules essentially trigger the initiation of a messaging sequence for a subject patient.

One can configure a reminder to activate when, say, a patient is diagnosed with a particular illness, an appointment is scheduled, a drug is prescribed, or perhaps a patient’s health insurance is due to expire.

The vast range of supported events and data permutations mean that an activation rule’s expressiveness is only limited by the configurator’s imagination.

Trigger Conditions

Trigger conditions determine points in time that SMS messages should be generated and sent to recipients during a messaging sequence. The configuration of this setting is just as sophisticated as that of the corresponding activation rule. A simple trigger condition might be “every day at 8:30am”, “on the first monday of the month”, or “at 9am the day before the date of the appointment”.